If you are diagnosed with skin cancer, you have several treatment options. At West Sound Dermatology in Poulsbo, Washington, our providers offer effective treatments and can recommend the least invasive option possible. 

Skin Cancer Biopsy 

Prior to your skin cancer treatment, a diagnosis can be reached through a biopsy. This involves removing a small sample of tissue using a surgical tool such as a scalpel. This skin sample will then be examined in a lab to confirm a diagnosis. Skin cancer biopsy will sometimes remove all of the cancerous cells, making further treatment unnecessary. 

Skin Cancer Excision and Mohs Surgery 

The most common treatment for skin cancer is excision or Mohs surgery. This involves cutting the cancerous cells away, in addition to a small border of healthy skin cells to ensure that all harmful cells are removed. Mohs surgery is a specialized surgery in which thin layers of cells are removed and examined under a microscope. This reduces scarring and ensures more thorough removal of all cancerous cells. 


Cryotherapy involves freezing the cancerous cells using liquid nitrogen or other methods. After blistering, the cancerous cells will fall away. 

Curettage and Electrodesiccation

Curettage and electrodesiccation (C & E) is a process of using a circular blade, or curet, to scrape away layers of cancerous skin cells. After this step, an electrified needle is used to destroy any remaining cancerous cells in the area. 

Chemotherapy and Biological Therapy

In rare cases, radiation, chemotherapy or biological therapy may be necessary to treat skin cancer. These treatments are typically recommended for advanced stages of skin cancer, which are rare. 

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