The skin in any area of the body can become infected with various viruses, bacteria or fungi. This includes the hair follicles on the scalp or elsewhere. If you notice symptoms of a hair infection, the providers at West Sound Dermatology in Poulsbo, Washington can help. 

Types of Hair Infections 

Patients may face various types of hair infections that can affect the follicles of the scalp or virtually any location on the body. Treatment options vary. 


Folliculitis is a bacterial infection of damaged hair follicles. This is commonly the result of damage from shaving or plucking the hair, wearing excessively tight hats or other headgear or keeping the area excessively hot and wet for an extended period. Folliculitis commonly spreads in hot tubs or spas. The infection will cause some pain or irritation and redness. Treatment options include antibiotics. 


Ringworm may occur anywhere on the body, and can affect the scalp. In this case, your dermatology care provider may refer to the condition as tinea capitis. Ringworm is a fungal infection which causes a ring-shaped mark. It is more common on the scalp in children. Treatment options include antifungal creams or tablets. 


Impetigo is an infection that can occur on the scalp if the skin is broken. It will cause red sores that burst and crust or large blisters. Impetigo is caused by a highly contagious bacteria. It is treated using an antibiotic cream. 

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