What are PDO Threads?

PDO threads are dissolvable sutures that are used to tighten and lift the skin through a procedure called a thread lift. The presence of these threads triggers collagen production in the skin to enhance skin structure and elasticity.

PDO threads can be divided into two main categories, including:

PDO mono threads: These are smooth sutures that help stimulate collagen to smooth the skin.

PDO barbed threads: These threads have barbs that latch into the skin, providing lift and support.

Who is a Candidate for PDO Threads?

A thread lift can be used on many areas of the face that experience aging such as the cheeks, jaw, neck, and around the eyes. Healthy adults who wish to temporarily improve these areas without surgery can often benefit from PDO threads. You may not be a good candidate if you are dealing with severe skin laxity. To determine if you are a good candidate, schedule a consultation appointment at our office.

What Can I Expect During Treatments?

During treatment, the determined areas will be disinfected, and a local anesthetic will be applied. A small incision will then be created, and a device inserted. The thread will then be anchored into place and the cannula pulled out. The thread will then be cut and secured.

PDO Threads Results

There is minimal recovery associated with PDO threads. Some swelling and bruising may occur for the first couple of days, but you can return to most of your daily activities right away. Be sure to avoid rubbing your face the week after your procedure, as well as avoid drinking through a straw. You should also avoid intense exercise and spending time in saunas for 1-2 weeks.

Barbed threads have more downtime and can cause some discomfort for a few days after treatment. Activity should be limited for 2-3 days post procedure. Your provider will go into more detail during your consultation.  Results can last for 18 months or longer.

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